Studio Manattan


A snap-happy Turkish photojournalist ventured across a pond to capture the bright lights of a big city. Before long, he found himself nuts about New York! Deeming that his Manhattan madness deserved to be shared, photojournalist Ayhan Kimsesizcan slung his camera over his shoulder and his legs across the seat of his Vespa, and set off to capitalize on “cool”. As he weaved his way between honking yellow cabs and sluggish crosstown buses, his photographer’s eye captured New York’s iconic architecture and gritty urban vibe. Shortly thereafter, Ayhan transformed his city scenes into high-quality canvas prints. From there, he had them hand-printed onto magnets and greeting cards and, a few years later, adapted to genuine leather accessories.  That’s how Studio Manhattan was born.

Today, Studio Manhattan Art + Design stretches beyond it’s Manhattan origins and encompasses original photography and design from cities and artists across the globe. Studio Manhattan’s photojournalist founder, Ayhan Kimsesizcan, can still be spotted zipping through the streets of New York in the pursuit of urban art. We hope you love our products as much as we do!

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Liten skinnveske California

Tøff skulderveske i skinn fra Studio Manhattan dekorert med fotoprint som er stenvasket. Vesken blir bare mykere og penere med årene. Kan brukes med eller uten skulderrem.

Glidelåslukning. Liten innerlomme med glidelås. Vesken måler 27x17cm.

kr 990,00